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Anna, University of Wisconsin

"Story Guru’s staff does an amazing job getting to the core of who you really are. They then help you to effectively express this in your essays, allowing you to create an overall attractive and impressive representation of your character. I loved working with Story Guru and would highly recommend it!"

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Meera, Michigan State University

"My entire experience was easy, efficient, and fun! Story Guru definitely helped remove most of the stress that college applications give, and I’m eternally grateful for their help :)"

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Caden, University of Michigan

"My Story Guru experience was incredible and the service provided here was second to none. My coach offered top notch advice for my essays and she transformed my writing skills that helped me become an improved writer."

IMG_8648_Facetune_13-08-2020-17-18-21 - Daksha Yellisetti.jpeg
Daksha, Indiana University - Kelley School of Business

"Story Guru was so helpful for me especially with writing my essays and answering questions about college. They made every step of the college process seem easy and I feel I wrote some of my best essays with them."

IMG_5708 - Sahana Raja.JPG
Sahana, University of Michigan

"Starting the college application process, I was lost in trying to find a way to tell my story. Story Guru guided me through transforming my words into a piece that truly showcased my personality and interests. They set up weekly meetings, helping me stay on top of my deadlines despite my other commitments."

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Alina, Michigan State University

"Story Guru made college apps less stressful because my mentors are incredibly strong and smart writers. I have learned a lot as a writer and about myself through the process and I’m grateful to have chosen story guru. It was also a great experience getting to know my mentors and sharing about my background."

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Aadit, University of Michigan

"I'd always gotten A's in my English classes, but didn't realize how different writing college essays actually was. Story Guru taught me how to frame my story and made me feel really good about my college essays!"

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Deepti, University of Michigan

"I had a story that I wanted colleges to fully grasp, but I wasn't able to clearly articulate my thoughts. Story Guru didn't just help me clarify my essay, but they let me express my story in the powerful way I had envisioned. It was great to work with people who were fully engaged, experienced, and supportive."

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Mihir, University of Michigan

"Story Guru helped me perfect my essay for the Common App and helped me organize my ideas in a thoughtful manner. I loved how detail oriented they were when it came to edits and suggestions, which helped me put together a very strong statement."

Kimmy, University of Michigan

"Story Guru honestly felt like the missing puzzle piece to my college application. They helped me brainstorm and expand on a few concepts I came to them with. They worked with me to build an outline, making sure that I understood the important concepts throughout the writing process."

"They helped me structure essays that added value to my application not only as a student but also as an Individual. I was able to put exactly what I was thinking into words and make it stand out with the help of the Story Guru coaches."

- Harshita, University of Michigan

"My time with Story Guru was great! I had the opportunity to go over all my essays throughout and refine them easily with no hassles. It was a great space to communicate ideas and was definitely a stress-free zone."

- Rhea, Michigan State University

"Working with Story Guru helped me so much! Not only did it steer me into the right direction on my Common App, but they also taught me tips and writing tricks to write my other essays! The 1:1 sessions were so helpful as I was able to work through my problems and get feedback instantly."

- Melissa, University of Michigan

"Story Guru really helped me focus my thoughts and organize them in a creative way."

- Tanya, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

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