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"I'd always gotten A's in my English classes, but didn't realize how different writing college essays actually was. Story Guru taught me how to frame my story and made me feel really good about my college essays!"


Our students have been accepted into many selective universities
and many more!

1-on-1 coaching

Pay after your session. We believe in our service.
$45 - 1 Hour Session
Personalized feedback on essay structure no matter what stage of the process you are in
Line-by-line editing and grammar revision
Guidance on completing Common App and experience sections of your applications
Tips & tricks to include in your college apps / essays that admissions officers love to see!
Ask us how you can schedule multiple sessions and save!

online course

Coming soon Spring 2021 - Stay Tuned!
10 instructional videos with hours of content
7 additional resources such as a verified essay rubric, college comparison matrix, essay structure guide, and more
Life-time course access
20% discount on 1-on-1 sessions
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